About HDT

HDT GmbH was established as a familiy run company in 1995 by Ing. Josef Pacik sen. with the objective to deliver machines and plants of highest quality specifically accord. to customersĀ“ requirements. Customer proximity and unfailing reliability characterize all our business relationships. Our innovative and flexible staff team is competently committed to the satisfaction or our customers.

We offer in-depth consulting services, collaborate closely with our clients on project planning and layout designs, and provide full support, including installation and commissioning, as required. Our clients are agricultural firms of all sizes processing and refining (industrially) harvest products, agricultural trading companies as well as cooperatives and seed producers/breeders, mills and malthouses.

HDT GmbH all-round service

Excerpt from our Reference List

  • Processing plant for beet seeds in Lower Austria
  • Seed plants for grain, soya and corn in Romania and Ukraine
  • Processing plant for sunflower seeds and corn in Russia
  • Drying plants of ear corn and processing of corn seeds in Ukraine
  • Siloplant for compound feed in Austria
  • Plant for corn seeds processing 20 t/h with ear corn box-dryer, heated by biomass (ear corn cobs) in Romania
  • Numerous fine cleaners for grain, corn, soya, legumes and oilseeds in Hungary and Turkey
  • Container-dryer installations for Austrian seed producers as well as for German and Austrian organic farmers
  • Delivery of mobile seed processing plants and mobile drying plants for Austrian agricultural cooperatives
  • Etc.

International projects