Chemical Treating

Mechanical seed treaters

Mechanical seed treaters  working with liquid / powdery chemicals and achieving performances up to max. 5 t/h (PDF Download)

Continuous chemical seed treaters

Are optimized for the continuous and accurate wet-treating of all cereals and fine seeds at high throughput capacities up to 25 t/h

  • Continuous and reliable operation - easy handling
  • Homogenous mixing operation due to precise primary distribution of the liquid chemical and effective mixing in the secondary mixing unit
  • Precise dosing of the chemicals
  • Very fine spraying of the chemicals by spraying-disc prevents blockage
  • Gentle handling of the seeds
  • Automatic control systems grant correct treatment processes
  • Complete empty run of the machine – troublefree change of seed products
  • Can be equipped with additional pumps

Chemical batch treaters

Are used for precision coating and pilling of seeds with insecticides, fungicides, micronutrients and inoculants accord. to the highest quality standards. The batch treaters work on the rotor-stator-principle. Capacities up to 30 t/h

Continuous chemical treater
Batch treater
Mechanical seed treater
Mechanical seed treater - mixer