Cleaning, Sorting & Calibrating

Pre-, Main- and Seed Cleaning

  • Pre-cleaners by means of aspiration cap. up to 200 t/h
  • Screening machines combined with aspiration cap. up to 600 t/h (PDF Download)
  • Rotating drum-sieve cleaners (PDF Download)
  • Mobile cleaning and seed processing plants (PDF Download)
Ruberg Aspirator (cleaning by air + screens)
PETKUS air + screen cleaner

Machines for processing of seeds:

  • De-awners:
    Used before the main cleaning for de-awning of barley, wheat and oats, for polishing of grain and fragmentation of seed balls carefully treating the product.
    Capacity: from 3-20 t/h (grain seeds).
  • Seed processing cleaners:
    Compact machines providing a combination of air separator + screening machine + length sorting by indented cylinder separator, capacity up to 2,5 t/h (wheat seeds).
  • Indented cylinder separators (trieurs):
    Sorting grain on the basis of grain length with cap. up to 15 t/h. Double indented cylinder separators work effectively with 1 cylinder for longgrain- and 1 cylinder for roundgrain-separation.
  • Gravity separators:
    Used for the processing of seeds and for separation of impurities accord. to the principle of specific weight of the single kernels. Capacities from 2 to 15 t/h (wheat). These machines are characterized by their very precise separation capabilities.
  • Destoners: exact separation of stones and heavy impurities
  • Opto-electric color sorters: state-of-the-art technologies as standard (PDF Download)

Sorting and Calibration / Sorting by fractions

  • of all cereals and oilseeds, such as malting barley, corn seeds, sunflower seeds, beans, peas, rice, etc.
  • Screening machines: with flat or cylindrical screens

We provide premium technologies with highest performances to be applied in the complete area of grain and seed handling&processing as well as in industries, such as mills, malthouses or processing plants for oilseeds.