Performance range: from 0,5-150 t/h incl. aeration- and cooling equipment

  • HDT Container-Dryer (PDF Download)
  • Charge-Dryer (batch operation mode)
  • Circulating Batch Dryer :  batch processing with intermixing of the product
  • Continuous Flow Dryer
    - roof column design
    - modular construction
    - throughput cap. from 5 - 150 t/h
  • Fluidized Bed-Dryer
  • Drum-Dryer
  • Dryerhouses for corn seeds (drying ear corn in boxes)
  • Mobile Drying-Plants (even for very wet maize, supplied ready to plug in)

Biomass as heating medium in energy effiecient drying plants:

Wood chips, ear corn cobs, biological waste, pellets, etc. are used as heating material for innovative heating systems of highest quality. The hot water - produced in the boiler - is converted by heat exchangers to warm air and transported by fans to the products to be dried.